Temporary exhibition

Multidisciplinary exhibition presenting selected works by CERN researcher Michael Hoch, as well as the foundations of particle physics explained and related by CERN researcher Hans Peter Beck, from the Universities of Bern and Fribourg. 


The exhibition provides a historical overview and adds a local touch on the discovering of cosmic rays, where the physicist Albert Gockel from Fribourg established first hints in the balloon flights he undertook over a century ago. 

Experiments carried out at high altitudes, in balloons, airplanes and in high mountain stations, such as the Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat research stations, allowed researchers to detect radioactivity in the atmosphere and to conclude on the existence of cosmic radiation.

Contents of the exhibition :

  • Michael Hoch ’s works, artist and physicist

  • Scientific informations on the subject of cosmic rays and particle physics

  • A guide entitled ‘ Young Scientist Program ’ for visitors and school groups

  • Lectures for the public organized by researchers from CERN and participating universities

  • Videos and books on the theme of the exhibition


Jacqueline Trenta-Dubé - directrice

+41 78 723 78 33


Horaires/öffnungszeiten/opening hours
Du jeudi au dimanche, 14h - 17h
Thursday to Sunday, 2pm - 5pm
Donnerstag bis Sonntag, 14 - 17 Uhr

Espace Ballon Château-d'Œx
chemin des Ballons 2
CH-1660 Château-d'Œx


Tarifs                         Individuel                    En groupe (dès 10 personnes)

Adultes                               CHF 8.00                              CHF 5.00

Séniors dès 60 ans              CHF 6.00                              CHF 5.00

            Etudiants/écoliers               CHF 5.00 (->25 ans)            CHF 5.00

Enfants accompagnés         (gratuits -> 9 ans)      

Visites guidées en français, allemand ou anglais (jusqu'à 25 personnes)   

Supplément CHF 75.00


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