Temporary exhibition

Back to basics for this new temporary exhibition. Presentation through a logbook of the different stages and activities of the hot air balloon. Come and discover this magical universe of balloon flight.

The exhibition provides a historical vision based on old photo and video documents (RTS archives) retracing the epic of the Château-d'Œx Balloon Festival.

Contents of the exhibition :

  • Photographic works from the Château-d'Œx International Balloon Festival.

  • Technical information on the construction of the balloons.

  • Unique sensory experience in the envelope of a balloon.

  • Scientific information on the specificity of the Pays-d'Enhaut valley winds.

  • A log book made available to visitors and school groups.

  • Large competition with 5 balloon flights to the key.


Jacqueline Trenta-Dubé - directrice

+41 78 723 78 33


Horaires/öffnungszeiten/opening hours
Du jeudi au dimanche, 14h - 17h
Thursday to Sunday, 2pm - 5pm
Donnerstag bis Sonntag, 14 - 17 Uhr

Espace Ballon Château-d'Œx
chemin des Ballons 2
CH-1660 Château-d'Œx


Tarifs                         Individuel                    En groupe (dès 10 personnes)

Adultes                               CHF 8.00                              CHF 5.00

Séniors dès 60 ans              CHF 6.00                              CHF 5.00

            Etudiants/écoliers               CHF 5.00 (->25 ans)            CHF 5.00

Enfants accompagnés         (gratuits -> 9 ans)      

Visites guidées en français, allemand ou anglais (jusqu'à 25 personnes)   

Supplément CHF 75.00


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